Healthcare IT - Transformation through innovation

H ealthcare IT is an important area of focus for Availity. Availity has a broad presence in the healthcare industry across Physician groups, Hospitals and ASCs in the US. Availity is on a continuous process reengineering effort to improve the operational efficiency of its employees as well as its clients with the use of advanced programming techniques and adoption of cloud platforms. Availity uses an advanced proprietary workflow automation suite that enhances user productivity while eliminating the need to perform routine tasks manually. The system is built to handle outsourced processes connected to Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) independently and can be used to establish, standardize, and monitor processes and workflow in the company.

Availity helps its customers do business better by transformation through innovation. Some of our focus areas include:

    • Automation of Healthcare processes using ANSI X12 EDI transactions.
    • Establish interoperability using HL7 standards.
    • Analytics delivered via dashboards and reports.