HIPAA - Compliance

At Availity, we believe that compliance is the key to our business. Our comprehensive Compliance plan is based on ethics, values, integrity and respect for consumer privacy.

We understand the critical and sensitive nature of the data that we handle. Therefore, we have set up a compliance plan to safeguard and protect all sensitive and confidential data and to ensure privacy, security and compliance at every stage of our business.

Availity is concerned and committed to being compliant with HIPAA regulations by delivering services that meet requirements of HIPAA. We recognize and understand the criticality and sensitivity of the data we handle. Therefore, we have specific and effective technical and physical security features for data system components, identification of authorized users, control of access, data integrity, and backup/recovery to ensure availability and reliability. These systems enable us to prevent and / or detect any violations.

To create compliance awareness and to promote compliance, new-hire compliance training programs and periodic refresher courses are conducted.

Periodic audits are conducted in each of the compliance components. The audit results are documented and analyzed for corrective and preventive actions. The gaps identified are revisited to ensure that the preventive actions applied are in par with the desired results. Developing and implementing corrective and preventive actions has become a part of the company’s culture.