• Customer Focused Support

    Personalized Service

    • Each Client’s unique and specific requirements are addressed with
    • A Dedicated Single Point of Contact to report on everyday operations.
    • An Experienced Dedicated Workforce with in-depth knowledge about the industry, and extensively trained on the business practices and unique requirements of the client.
  • Convenient & Cost Effective


    • Flexible Pricing Options
    • One stop shop for your end to end business needs
  • Peace of Mind

    No Stress

    • Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution to secure complete Internet traffic and ensure HIPAA compliance.
    • Fault tolerant data and Internet systems for high availability and advanced backup systems for disaster recovery are in place.
  • Quality & Reliability

    High client retention rate

    • Each Client’s unique and specific requirements are addressed with:
    • Proven track record of high quality and TAT
    • We take pride in creating happy customers who in turn become our referrals to reach out to more customers. Majority of our clients are through referrals
  • Hassle Free

    Quick and smooth transition with minimal disruption

    • Adaptability to multiple client software
    • Flexible and customizable workflow software to address client-specific requirements


  • A clunky paper based workflow
  • People dependent
  • No documentation
  • No Transparency Poor turnaround
  • No accountability
  • No data to analyze and improve profitability


  • Process re-engineered to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure smooth flow.
  • Process dependent workflow
  • Complete documentation of workflow
  • Complete transparency (Real time visibility of process)
  • Fast turnaround
  • Increased productivity
  • Complete accountability
  • Dashboards to support business decisions.