Welcome to Availity

We are a Healthcare IT and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) company developing secure, Cloud based automation software and providing services to Physician Groups, Hospitals/Healthcare Systems, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, DME Centers and RCM Companies across the US. We have a solid team of software programmers developing Cloud based Healthcare services and RCM specialists working with a proprietary and customizable workflow system.

Our management team has an established entrepreneurial track record of over 14 years in the healthcare market. At Availity, we deliver services to our clients that have a positive impact on cash flow because of our knowledge of healthcare systems, technology and analytics.

Core Values

Team Work

Our teams work efficiently for the singular purpose of being the best in our field.


We treat each individual with respect, draw strength from diversity, and foster an open, inclusive environment that reflects these values.


We work on a continuous platform of innovation; encourage pro-activity and creativity, to stay at the forefront of our industry.


We achieve & maintain delighted customers through uncompromising quality,accuracy, timeliness and attention to detail.


We help each employee grow to his/her top level of ability by providing training, performance recognition and promotion.